Purple Tuesday

After Purple Tuesday on November 7, the Trust outlines its accessibility and how Trust staff facilitate and provide services for disabled people and their families.

Purple Tuesday is an opportunity for organisations to commit to changing a practice that will result in greater inclusion and accessibility.

Chesterfield FC Community Trust are committed to being as accessible as possible for all and as part of our Purple Tuesday commitment we will be releasing a video highlighting the accessibility of the facilities, aiding those with additional needs to access the Trust without anxiety.

Based mainly in the HUB, the majority of Trust sessions and programmes are accessible for disabled people, with various features throughout the building allowing for ease of access.

The HUB itself has features such as a changing places bathroom, which includes a hoist, changing bench and an accessible toilet.

As well as the changing places bathroom, there are another four disabled toilets within the HUB and two more in the SMH Group Stadium, where the HUB is based.

Also located in the HUB is Chester’s Den play centre, which is the only soft play centre based inside a football stadium in this country. Within Chester’s Den is a sensory area, making it suitable for young children with additional needs.

Other accessible features within the HUB include a lift between floors and a wheelchair accessible gym with accessible gym equipment.

As well as the inclusive facilities, the Trust’s sessions cater for those with additional needs and provide them with creative platforms away from mainstream groups.

Sessions such as pan-disability football, pan-disability multi-sports, pan-disability dance and pan-disability crafts all provide a platform for young disabled people to express themselves in a field of interest.

Adam Guirdham, who is part of the team that runs the pan-disability sessions, said: “It provides that variety of different activities that the children and young people can participate in; it’s about inclusivity.

“Through these sessions we can open up to a more diverse group of young people. There are a lot of transferrable social skills that they can take on board.

“We have four core values which are: Being Connected. Being Kind. Being Ambitious. Being inspiring.”

For more information on accessibility within the Trust, please phone the HUB reception on 01246 925115.

For more information on the pan-disability sessions, please email:  adamguirdham@spireitestrust.org.uk or wellbeing@spireitestrust.org.uk

For more information on Chester’s Den, please email: chestersden@spireitestrust.org.uk or phone reception.

Purple Tuesday