Former Spireite prepares for fundraising walk

Former Spireite Steve Baines is preparing to do a ‘Trek 26’ walk to raise funds for the Alzheimer’s Society in memory of two late footballing legends and as a tribute one of his former team-mates who has dementia.

On Saturday, starting off at 7am, Steve will walk 26.2 miles after setting off from Bakewell.

He is taking on the challenge with Jeff Astle and Ernie Moss in his thoughts, together with Steve Smith.

Steve explained: “Jeff Astle presented me with my first ever football trophy and Big Ernie and I played together in the Fourth Division championship team in ’85.

“There’s also an old friend of mine, Steve Smith, who was the skipper at Huddersfield. We used to room together when we went away. Steve is in a care home now.

“We’re just trying to raise some money so any donations would be gratefully received. The more we can raise, the better.”

Donations can be made here:

We wish Steve well with his efforts!

*Steve (centre) is pictured with fellow former Chesterfield players Gary Pollard and Jim Brown.