Social Prescribing Link Worker Day

Today marks the sixth annual Social Prescribing Link Worker Day, something the Trust are celebrating with the Thr1ve social prescribing team, based at the HUB.

The Thr1ve team have a passion for supporting young people to make positive changes to their lives and to feel connected, aiming to reduce loneliness and isolation whilst building positive relationships.

Thr1ve social prescribing link workers play a valuable part in the lives of young people and each member of the team discussed what their role means to them.

Alex Simpson, who is a Thr1ve social prescribing link worker, said: “It’s creating hope for the future. It’s obviously really nice to be able to see someone’s journey from the start.

“Not only are you impacting the journey when you’re working with them, you’re creating a more positive future for them.

“For a young person, if they’re 14-years-old, you could potentially impact what their life’s going to look like for the next 50-60 years potentially. So, it’s not only doing that short term work, but also being able to impact everyone they meet following the work that we do.”

Alex also spoke about the togetherness of the Thr1ve team, adding: “As a team, we try and do things as well. I’ve been to things that I absolutely would have never done before.

“We’ve been to a Dungeons & Dragons group, been to yoga and done dry stone walling, so it’s good for the young people but it’s a good experience for us as link workers as well.

“I think it helps us grow our confidence; networking, reaching out to that professional that you probably wouldn’t have had the chance to speak to. 

“There’s the sense of community as well. When you get yourself into this role, you understand more how everything just fits together.”

For more information on eligibility and how to refer someone for social prescribing support, please visit: