Trust’s steroid abuse project

Ahead of a talk at Chesterfield Library this evening aimed at highlighting the dangers of steroid abuse, two of the people speaking at the event, Lud Ramsey and Sandra Currey, have spoken about the Community Trust project associated with the subject. 

Lud, a personal trainer working in the gym at the HUB, will be talking to Jefferson King (Shadow from the original Gladiators TV series) during the event. 

Talking about the risks associated with the use of steroids, Lud said: “A lot of the young people do not understand the effect it has on you physically and mentally. 

“We want to go to the local schools and tell the year 10s and 11s about this. When young males get to an age where they’re 15/16, they’re really conscious of their body and they want to do something to try and improve it. This is always like a shortcut.”

Sandra’s son Neil, a professional bodybuilder, passed away last year at the age of 34. His family have blamed his death on his use of steroids.

Sandra and her family have linked up with the Community Trust to help launch the schools project. Explaining the reason for joining forces with the Trust, Sandra said: “We decided on Chesterfield Community Trust because as a young boy Neil played for the Chesterfield Centre of Excellence. 

“He loved football, he loved sport, he was very active and we wanted to make a difference within our local community and we wanted an education programme to be developed to warn other young people, girls and boys, about the dangers of the mental health side of things from the use of steroids.

“There were about 350 people at Neil’s funeral and everyone was really generous with the donations. Also, some of his friends have done fundraising activities and we’ve actually raised £7,500 at the moment. Our target is £10,000 and we hope to fund this programme so that Lud and the team can take this information out to schools in Derbyshire.”

Jefferson will talk about his life and his struggles with steroids, which saw him end up in prison.

Representatives from Derbyshire Alcohol and Addiction Service (DASS) will be at the event, as well as those representing Relate, who also support young people.

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