‘It’s fantastic to see so many schools getting together’

Keith Jackson from the Community Trust has expressed his delight at the recent school football tournaments that have been organised, managed and delivered by the Trust. 

The Trust recently ran their third schools football tournament of the academic year and Keith is delighted with the progress that has been made. He said: “It’s fantastic to see so many schools getting together and that’s what we’re all about. 

“It’s amazing to see so many kids in the same place enjoying themselves, knowing it’s the Trust that has put that on for them. 

“We’re on our third tournament now which is a credit to the staff involved as it shows that people are enjoying them and coming back for more. 

“All three tournaments that we’ve put on so far have been amazing and that’s great to see and without doubt there will be more of these events in the future.” 

Jackson also touched on the importance of the great working relationship that the Trust has with Staveley Miners Welfare FC, which is where the tournaments have been held, saying: “We have our women’s team that now play their fixtures here and we also have the academies that are training at Staveley too. 

“The working relationship we have with them is incredible and it’s essential for us moving forward to keep that up. 

“For us to be able to use their brilliant facilities for our tournaments and other events is great for us and we really do thank them for their co-operation. 

“I think it’s essential that the club and the Trust have a relationship with local football clubs and businesses to help them and for them to help us.” 

The tournaments have provided hundreds of kids in the local area with a chance to participate in some fun and engaging physical activity, but it’s not just the physical benefits that Jackson believes are important, adding: “Everyone looks at the physical benefits but it’s actually the social and mental benefits that are the most important for me. 

“The benefits you get mentally and socially at this age from playing a team sport whilst having fun is massive, the kids learn so many social skills. 

“What’s been great to see is watching the children support each other when something goes wrong as well as showing respect to other teams and participants. 

“During lockdown a lot of kids lost their social skills but putting events like this on really does help bring them back out and allows them to thrive in a safe environment.” 

The Trust offer a wide range of activities and Jackson was keen to express that everyone can get involved with the Trust. 

“Here at the Community Trust, we have so many different things going on,” he said. 

“We have something for everyone, we are a friendly bunch of people and at the HUB we are always open for a chat so just pop down and someone will be able to chat with you about whatever it is. 

“We truly love helping people and supporting the local community. Especially local schools, get in contact with us and we can provide fun and engaging activities for everyone. Don’t hesitate – we are here to help!”  

For more information on any activities at the Community Trust, please email: keithjackson@spireitestrust.org.uk