Senior Spireites exercise group participants in sponsored walk

Members of the Senior Spireites exercise group took part in a sponsored walk around the Technique Stadium pitch last week to raise money for a day trip.

The participants were split into five groups and each group conducted two full laps of the pitch, meaning a total of ten laps were completed on the day – an impressive number with most of the participants being over-70.

The walk was conducted to help raise money for the Senior Spireites to go on a trip out together in the future, something that they have been wanting to do for a while. The location of the trip is still to be decided.

Education officer Oli Barnes revealed that there was a great amount of money raised from the walk, saying: “We’re hoping that we’re going to be around the £1,000-mark, which is an incredible amount of money. 

“It’s been really successful and fun for them. They come every Wednesday and they come in force. They’ve got their own friendship groups here and lots of peer support. It’s brilliant.”

He also touched on the impact the pandemic had on the Senior Spireites and how it’s important that the sessions are now back up and running, saying: “With coronavirus, some of them hadn’t been outside for a long time and felt scared to leave the house.

“They came back and realised that it’s a safe and friendly environment. We have a good laugh and that’s the most important thing.”

Jane, one of the members of the Senior Spireites who took part in the walk, said: “It’s been so much fun. We’re trying to raise money so we can go on a trip and we’re having fun at the same time. 

“I’ve really enjoyed it. Particularly after the pandemic, people were scared to come out, but now we can come here and socialise with everyone.  

“It’s fantastic and that’s been proved by the turnout today. I really wasn’t expecting many to turn up, but it seems that everyone has turned up and brought their partner too – it’s just fabulous!”

Jane also encouraged more people to get involved with the Senior Spireites, saying: “It’s fantastic, come down and give it a go. We get plenty of coffee and biscuits and have a good laugh together.

“We do chair-based exercises, which is so much fun and then we play bingo with prizes! It really is so much fun and it’s so cheap too!”

The Community Trust has developed an impressive Senior Spireites brand since its launch, providing exceptional opportunities for people aged 55 years and over to get involved with activities whilst socialising with each other. 

With an increase in elderly people in North Derbyshire, the Community Trust feel it is vital to provide support and opportunities for them with fun sessions that involve both physical and social activities. This helps with both their physical and mental health.

Anyone who is interested in linking up with the Senior Spireites should email