Internet safety – KS2

Chesterfield FC Community Trust are proud the announce the launch of the internet safety virtual workshops, which are FREE to schools and parents for home schooling purposes.

These workshops focus on the theme of reliability online, opening conversations with young people about how they explore information, looking at the strategies they can implement to spot and speak out against harmful and misleading content online.

The key stage 2 workshops also focus on the element of trusting what we read online, taking part in activities that produce discussion amongst your class.

Causing these discussions around trust online and thinking about becoming more aware and make sensible decisions on whether something is trustworthy online, thinking about how what we see online makes us feel.

There is lots of information when you go online, some true, some not. The KS2 workshop will help children keep themselves and others safe when online.

The workshops can also be delivered in school upon requests. Please contact for more information about the internet safety workshops.