Heritage Group inaugural meeting

As part of the Trust’s heritage project we are setting up a group to report to our trustees about aspects of the work done.

Like the board of trustees it is expected that this group will be made up of volunteers who have an interest in the history of the football club and who see the potential of the project.

The group will oversee the collection of shirts, images, videos and programmes held by the Trust.  It will also take responsibility for the social projects that come from heritage work as well as promoting further initiatives around education.  The group will take responsibility for the day-to-day running of the Chesterfield FC Memorial garden and the events linked to the garden.

The group will also liaise with and support the work of the Chesterfield FC Former players Association.

In time additional funding to support the existing work and to realise further projects will be part of what the group does.

There will be an initial meeting for anyone who is interested in this work on Thursday 4 April.  This meeting at 7pm in the Vice-Presidents Lounge will include examples from the Trust’s collection. Everyone is welcome to come along whether they want to be a formal part of what we do or are just interested in the general history of football in Chesterfield.