Trust’s club ownership makes Fair Game “a natural home”

John Croot, CEO of both Chesterfield FC and Chesterfield FC Community Trust, has outlined why the Spireites chose to become one of the founding members of Fair Game.

Fair Game, which was launched last week, is an organisation set up to encourage sustainability and press for a fairer distribution of money.

Commenting on the decision to get involved with Fair Game, John said: “We were invited early on because we have got a unique corporate identity in that we’re owned by a Community Trust, so it’s a natural home for us, really.

“It’s an organisation that’s trying to get a fairer distribution of money, it’s fair to say. It’s about protecting the game that we all love.

“Football needs to have a long, hard look at itself. Rewards could maybe given to clubs that are sustainable.”

“There are a number of other clubs that are owned by supporters’ trusts, but with our background and our community ethos, we were approached to get involved and it was something that we were keen to do.”

Chairman Mike Goodwin is pleased that efforts are being made to bring about much-needed change.

He said: “It’s about time that there was some structure brought into the finances of lower league and non-league clubs.

“It’s about preserving the heritage of clubs and clubs being part of the community.

“We are just custodians and we need to work in the best interests of the club.”

To listen to Nick Johnson’s interview with John Croot about Fair Game, which was first heard on 1866 Sport, please click on the ‘play’ button below: