Premier League Reading Stars

Friday marked the end of our six-week Premier League Reading Stars project at New Whittington Primary School.

Trust coach Alyss Hearnshaw delivered the project, aimed at encouraging pupils to engage with literacy, using football as a way of engaging with them.

New Whittington Primary’s headteacher Emma Tooley said: “Reading Stars has been an amazing intervention; it has boosted the children’s confidence, love of reading and comprehension ability. 

“In our most recent reading assessment all of the children who participated, it improved their standardised scores. They feel so proud of their achievements – as are we!

“Most importantly, it has empowered our children to find the confidence to stand in front of their peers and read aloud! Their classmates were really impressed, sharing the same pride as all of the adults.

“Alyss is a credit to CFCCT – the children respected her, learnt from her and couldn’t wait to work with her each Thursday. 

“Thank you to all involved at CFCCT – this is an intervention that makes a difference!”

Alyss added, “It has been a pleasure working with the group, who have all engaged with the project and shown improvements in their work.

“It was a real achievement for the boys to stand in front of their class and have the confidence to show what they had learnt.”

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