Independent living schemes

After the success of the Trust’s Senior Spireites sessions that involve chair-based exercise, Chesterfield Borough Council contacted the Trust to see if it was possible to deliver sessions to tenants in their independent living schemes.

Over the last four months, the Trust has been providing chair-based exercise classes to residents in:

  • Glebe Court
  • Catherine Court
  • Parkside Court
  • Markham Court
  • Brocklehurst Court

Olly Parkinson, who delivers the sessions, said: “These sessions are now a part of our outreach programmes.

“Independent living schemes provide the opportunity for people to continue living independently and there are a varied range of ages that live in all the accommodations we go into. 

“We do a half-an-hour session, once per month. On average, we probably get five or six people, so I’d say they are quite successful.

“It gives people something to do and as some people aren’t able to get out, it gives them someone different to see and an activity to do.

“We went into one of the schemes during the Christmas week as well, because we knew that they probably wouldn’t see anybody different during that week.”

One tenant explained why they enjoy the sessions: ‘I look forward to the chair exercises and enjoy them. I have to hold onto my chair because of my balance but I feel a benefit from it as I don’t go out much or walk a lot. The Trust are lovely, and the sessions make me laugh and smile.”

The Trust has also been delivering chair-based exercise classes in care homes for a year.

Olly added: “The main care home we go in is Goldwell Manor. It’s about building relationships with the residents. 

“Because they see the same people every day, it’s just something different. I’m hoping that it helps them with their mobility.

“I know a couple of them do go out on day trips, so the exercise should help prolong them being able to do that.”

For more information on our chair-based exercise sessions, please email: or 

Alternatively, you can ring the Trust on 07840 843480.