Trust programmes help combat anxiety

This week marks World Mental Health Awareness Week with the topic being ‘anxiety’. 

According to the Mental Health Foundation’s website, a report in March 2023 said that one in five people (20%) feel anxious most or all of the time. 

For over half (58%) who took part in the report, it has stopped them from undertaking day-to-day activities. 

The Community Trust offer a range of programmes that can benefit mental health including anxiety. 

The Football 4 life football team, Active for Life, A Spire Right, Senior Spireites and young people’s social prescribing have all helped the mental health of those who have taken part throughout the years.

All programmes are delivered in an informal manner to make all participants feel comfortable.  

Andrea Parkinson, the Trust’s wellbeing manager, spoke about how they help combat anxiety before the programme begins. 

She said: “The Trust help participants deal with anxiety by arranging to meet with them before any group programme starts. 

“This is important because there can be so many barriers to attending groups and if you’re going somewhere you’ve never been before, meet new people and then start a group, this can all lead to being a trigger. 

“The pre-programme introductions can help by the participants seeing where the programme will take place, meet the staff and familiarise themselves with the HUB. 

“It is so important to take mental health seriously and that’s why as a Trust we are proud to be able to offer such a wide range of different programmes to help meet the needs of both children and adults in the local community. 

“It is also important to make sure staff wellbeing is a priority. This is delivered through regular supervisions. 

“The Trust is linked with so many different organisations to make sure staff have regular training and support to deliver national campaigns such as suicide prevention, Time to Talk Day and Mental Health Week.”