Cancer Support Group meetings increase in numbers

The Cancer Support Group run by the Trust and Macmillan has been increasing in numbers since its return after the covid-19 pandemic.

The monthly sessions are there to support anyone affected by cancer, whether personally or involving a family member.

Led by former Spireites player Tony Lormor and Dawn Warrington, Macmillan information and support centre lead, the group has supported hundreds of different people and provided a safe and secure place for people to chat to those who are experiencing similar issues.

Mike Heeley, who is 62 years old, spoke about the group and explained what it’s done for him. He said: “Since I started coming it’s been unbelievably helpful and the support you get is great.

“Tony has been brilliant, he’s so supportive and he can relate with you on the basis he’s fought cancer off twice too.

“He turns every negative situation into a positive one. He really does make everything a positive and when you’re in the group you feel much better.

“When talking to Tony, you can see the other side. He was diagnosed with a really bad cancer and he’s now fine. It puts a good spin on it, it shows you that there’s the other side.

“Everyone is going through trauma but when they’re here it’s a chance to get support, talk to people and relax.”

Mike touched on what the group do within the sessions, saying: “We just generally chat away and share our stories with each other but we also talk about other stuff too.

“We’ve had a quiz today which was really good fun and there’s sometimes guest speakers too.

“We have talks from a few good people who have come in and spoke with us.

“So many different things to just help you when you come here and it really does help you, it’s fantastic.”

Praising the work done by the Trust, Mike commented: “The Trust for me don’t get anywhere near enough praise for what they do and the projects that they put on.

“The Trust are fantastic. I think it’s great what they’ve done, and I don’t think it gets enough attention what they do actually get up to around the community.”

Mike also had a message for anyone who is affected by cancer but not yet attending these meetings. “Please just come down, don’t be afraid,” he said.

“Just give it a try. I was sat with someone today and it was his first try and he felt really comfortable and really enjoyed it. There are so many people that come, and everyone is in the same boat.

“Just give it a try. The people that organise this and the people that take part are all lovely, you’ll enjoy it.”

The Cancer Support Group meetings take place once a month and are FREE to attend. The next meeting is on Friday, January 13, starting at 10am. Previously held in the HUB at the Technique Stadium, they will now take place in the Brampton Brewery 1866 Lounge.