Another victory in Planet Super League!

Our great start in Planet Super League continues as we had another convincing, high-scoring win, beating Stoke City 14-8!

Thank you to all the families who are continuing to take part in our fun, planet-saving challenges and scoring lots of goals for our club.

Our top three scoring families this week are:

The Tooley-Browns

Whittaker Wanderers

Promotion – it’s our year!

Total Families registered:109

Total active families since KO: 20

Total challenges completed (cumulative) :190

Total Goals(cumulative) : 302

Top 3 scoring families week 2: Tooley-Browns / Whittaker Wanderers / Promotion – its our year!

Most commonly completed challenges:

Leg Power 2k / Leg Power 5km / Over the line / Screens Off! / Plant Power

CO2 equivalent impact (since start) 266kg (equivalent to planting 15 trees).

We are currently leading against Aston Villa in this week’s fixture, too.