Chesterfield FC Former Players Association

The Chesterfield FC Former Players Association is the group for all those who have represented the Club in first-team matches including those who managed them.  Membership is free.

It is a developing group where any of the members are encouraged to contribute to the aims of the group.  You can contact the Association through the Trust.



The committee of the Association is:

Jamie Hewitt- President

Tony Lormor- Chairman

Mark Jules

Jim Brown- Club liaison

Dave Waller

Steve Williams

Sean O’Neill

Paul Kellett*- Membership Secretary

Lesley Brentnall*- Secretary

Phil Tooley*

Peter Whiteley*        (*invited members)



  • Any chesterfield player who has appeared in first-team competitive matches or anyone who has managed the team in such a game is automatically a full member.
  • Associate membership is available to anyone who has been contracted to the Club or has held a first team coaching position.
  • Honorary membership may be awarded.
  • Non-players may be invited by the committee to take on administrative roles.
  • The Association will also liaise with the families of players who are no longer with us to further the aims of the Association.


  • · To promote the tradition of Chesterfield Football Club and to foster the spirit of Fellowship, Sportsmanship and Goodwill among former players, their families and supporters of the Club.
  •  · To support social interaction among members and between members and Club supporters.
  •  · To promote pastoral support and practical assistance to members in need.
  •  · To help secure the history and heritage of the Club.
  •  · To work with the Club in supporting and promoting events
  •  · To support the Chesterfield FC Community Trust in delivering projects that benefit the local community.
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