About Our Heritage Work

Chesterfield Football Club is recognised as one of the half-a-dozen oldest clubs in the world. This long and rich history makes the Club what it is today but is also part of the social fabric of the town itself.

The Trust is the custodian of  the heritage of the Club; this is an integral part of our role. We work with the Club, the Supporters Club, the Club Historian, fans and the community to research, secure and display our history. Whether it is images, footage, shirts, ephemera, official papers or individuals’ memories all of this is important. The focus on heritage matters can increase community values and raise social inclusion.

The history of Chesterfield FC is part of the history of Chesterfield and its area over the last 150 years. This period has seen the introduction of rules and governing bodies to the sport reflected by our own embryonic clubs. It has also seen two world wars where football became a welcome distraction and a period where the local council owned the football club.  Of course we also boast a time when the fans saved the Spireites and ran the Club. We have seen eight championships, a European trophy, several promotions and elections and a couple of Wembley wins. We have also witnessed the closure of one of the oldest grounds and the building of a brand new home.

Our heritage is more than the simple history of the Club. It includes the sum of all the characters involved with the Club, the likes of Herbert Munday, Dave Blakey and Ernie Moss. However it also involves the fans and the wider community.

Whether it is for academic research, for education, to promote social inclusion or just the share memories, this heritage is vital to what we do.

More details about our history are on our sister site: ground header 01

Some of our classic matches are here: youtube channel