Ukrainian Spireite handed honorary membership

Volodymyr Holod, the Ukrainian Spireite, has been made an honorary member of the Chesterfield FC Former Players’ Association.

The association, like the rest of football, as well as the wider world, had seen the devastation caused by the invasion of Ukraine. The players, along with Spireites fans, have followed news of Volodymyr and his family. The association saw this as a way of showing the same support to the Ukrainian Spireite as he had shown to the team.

Jamie Hewitt, president of the Former players Association, said, “What is happening in Ukraine is unimaginable. Chesterfield fans have taken Volodymyr to their hearts. This is our way of showing our support to him, his family and the wider people of that proud country.”

After learning of his honorary membership, Volodymyr said: “It is more than amazing. I’m so, so, so, so happy to accept this offer. You are unbelievable, and my beloved club is unbelievable.

“It is more than a dream and I will repay my club in some possible way one day for this.”