Schools are signing up to compete in Planet Super League!

The recruitment for Planet Super League is well on the way with several schools excited to represent the Trust in this upcoming tournament.

Planet Super League is about getting families together to help the planet. We are already looking forward to speaking to the schools about the different challenges they may have to complete to gain Chesterfield FC some points.

Some activities may include making a meat-free meal, run/walk/cycle 2/5/10k, make a draught excluder snake for your door, get a smart meter installed, pump up your car tyres, grow your own veg, identify some bugs in your garden/outdoors or try a cold shower to save hot water.

The aim of this programme is to make a difference to the environment.

During Planet Super League, the activities will support families to increase their knowledge and understanding of sustainability and how they can live greener lives.

You will be equipped with the tools and knowledge to encourage you and your friends to take small steps to reduce your carbon footprint. This will ensure that together we can have a positive impact on the environment. 

If you want your school to get involved or you want some more information about the project, please contact

See more about Planet Super League on their website: