Get the family together, Spireites, to compete in Planet Super League!

We are excited to announce that Chesterfield FC Community Trust are taking part in the Planet Super League, along with Premier League and Football League clubs throughout the country! The tournament kicks off just before the Easter holiday.

For all school across Chesterfield, Planet Super League is about the family getting together to help the planet and helping your local football club win the league. During the tournament, your students will get a bunch of different challenges or activities to do. They can do as many or few as they want.

The more they do, the more points they win for your club, and the higher up the league the club will go!

During the tournament, families will learn how to live more sustainably, save some money, have some fun, and compete for prizes and bragging rights.

All activities suggested to children and their families are completely optional, entirely COVID-safe and very easy to accomplish between the busyness of everyone’s day-to-day lives. Even with this in mind, they can still have a huge impact on the environment.  

If you want your school to get involved or get some more information about the project, please contact

See more about Planet Super League on their website: