Anti-Bullying Week

The Community Trust has been involved in various initiatives in schools this week as part of Anti-Bullying Week.

Monday was Odd Socks Day, which is a great way to celebrate what makes us all unique! Our coaches got into the spirit at lunchtime and even at home while in lockdown.

Tuesday saw the delivery of well-being workshops, which are targeted at Key Stage 1, providing children with an understanding of what they can do to make themselves and others feel better.

New Whittington Primary School was the destination on Wednesday for delivery of a ‘Do the Spireite Thing’ beahviour intervention workshop. This looks at rules, why they are so important and how rules impact others when they aren’t followed.

Our ‘Be a Team Mate’ workshop was the theme on Thursday at Palterton Primary School, helping youngsters understand that there are a network of people they can talk to when they have worries.

To enquire about the various workshops we offer, please email