Lest We Forget

Over the last few weeks, the Supported Internship group have been involved in a creative project for Remembrance Day.

They started by researching different creative ideas and used various creative craft techniques to create a huge display for their classroom.

Vickiee, who has helped the group create the display, says “I am super proud of the group and all the hard work they’ve done over the last few sessions.

“Each participant has engaged both through giving ideas and through creating work for the display.

“They have worked both independently and as a team to plan most of the ideas and how to display them.

“I would also like to thank Ellie for helping print off some of the coloring and her other contributions too!”

LB, a student, says: “I’ve really enjoyed the project and learning about Remembrance Day; my favorite was making Tim the Solider by using a large cardboard drawing of a solider and adding tissue paper poppies.”

Another student, EM, says: “I really enjoyed helping create the Poppy Waterfall and helping to decide how to display them.

“We used this idea after seeing the knitted poppy display at Chesterfield Town Hall.”

EM also stated he likes Tim the Solider, who is a firm favorite with the group.