MP Praises Camp Inspire

Lee Rowley, Conservative MP for North East Derbyshire, was a recent visitor to the HUB at the Technique Stadium to view Chesterfield FC Community Trust’s innovative Camp Inspire programme.

After taking a look at the activities, he said: “It was great to visit Camp Inspire and see all of the fantastic work that Scott and the team are doing for our local community.

“Coronavirus has been difficult for so many people in our community and it is through schemes like this that we can re-connect, support those who need it and help each other to get through.”

Camp Inspire was introduced as a Covid response programme to help youngsters prepare for a return to school after the extended break due to the pandemic.

Designed to improve the physical health and social and emotional wellbeing of children and young people, centred around the five ways to wellbeing, Camp Inspire saw the Community Trust engage with around 150 attendees, many of whom are disadvantaged.

Scott Atkinson, the Trust’s head of education and wellbeing, said: “I’d like to thank Lee for taking the time to visit. It provided him with the opportunity to witness, first-hand, how we engaged with the youngsters.

“Camp Inspire was a great success, as backed up by the many positive comments we received from parents and guardians of those who attended.

“We were able to provide a different type of summer holiday provision after working with local schools and local authorities to identify those children who are most in need.”