Football for Life is Back!

Football For Life, Chesterfield FC Community Trust’s mental health football session, has returned after a lockdown hiatus.

The weekly session is aimed at people struggling with mental health problems and has been a key feature of the Trust’s delivery for over five years.

Led by coach Nathan Khan, the session regularly sees over 20 people attending and the team play in the local Flourish League, playing against other similar teams. Last year, the team played fixtures against teams across the UK, including ones representing Burnley, Everton, Stoke and Aston Vila and won a local tournament held by Notts County FC Football In the Community.

Nathan said: “Of course it’s a strange time for all of us, but it’s been crucial to get this group back together as quickly as we could safely do so. I know the lads have been desperate to get back to it, but we of course have had to wait for the appropriate guidance from both the government and The FA.

“We’ve added more coaches to the session so that we can work in smaller groups and all appropriate cleaning and sanitising is taking place. We are so happy to be safely back to training again.”

Ashley Warren, who captains the Football For Life Competitive Team, said: “It’s great to be back with the squad. Personally, I’m currently injured, however being able to see my team-mates again and talk and even take the mickey out of each other again has been important.

“The sessions are tough, yet fun to take part in, but the people are what makes the session so valuable. One of the more lively characters in the group, Gaz, (who will want me to mention he is our longest-serving player) told us all how much he missed us, loved us and that he can’t wait to give us all a hug.”

For more information about the Football For Life session, please email