New Spireites Schools Partnership Brochure

The Trust’s new Spireites Schools Partnership brochure has been published.

Last year, all local schools received a hand written note from the Trust’s head of sport and activities, Keith Jackson. Given the current circumstances, the brochure will now be available via and a copy will also be emailed to each school with a personal message.

Keith said: “It’s important to send an individual message to each school across Chesterfield and North Derbyshire, because we work with many and have worked with many more while there are also some we haven’t worked with. It’s important that they know how the package can be tailored to their school’s specific needs.”

The brochure contains details of how the Spireites Schools Partnership can work for each individual school, with information about PE delivery, after-school clubs, lunch-time clubs, Premier League projects and PSHE work.

The Trust has been delivering sports sessions in schools for a number of years and testimonies from a number of head teachers, heads of PE and quality assessors from the FA – who have all seen the delivery first hand – shows the breadth of delivery undertaken on a weekly basis.

Through working with the Premier League, the Trust’s offer has been expanded to include a number of PSHE sessions, including Black History Month assemblies, Sky Ocean Rescue workshops, Premier League Reading Stars and Primary Stars programmes along with Education Days at the stadium.

The Education Days have included creative writing workshops and sessions on mindfulness, diversity, police safety, foreign languages, mental health and careers talks from the Derbyshire Fire Service.

The Trust has updated the brochure as a number of changes have taken place in recent years, with a focus now on linking schools to the football club, through to first-team player visits, free match ticket offers for pupils, signed raffle prizes and appearances from the always popular Chester the Field Mouse.

Keith added: “We understand the amount of uncertainty for schools at the moment and I think now is a good time for us to reassure them that we have taken all government guidelines into consideration and feel we will certainly be in a position in September to return to safe and engaging delivery.

“We will be coaching throughout the summer and being flexible to react to changing advice, to ensure that we will be ready for what the next academic year brings.”

A copy of the Spireites Schools brochure can be found here. For more information about the programme, or if you would like to enquire about the Trust working in your school, please email